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One in a Million (2017)

An orphan and autistic teen dreams of one day winning the lottery and escaping the shackles of his impoverished seaside hometown.

One in a Million is a gritty, existential drama produced by the London Film School in association with Shout Out UK. The film was shot entirely on location in Herne Bay, Kent and combines classic coming of age themes with social commentary and haunting black and white cinematography. It won the Best Social Realism Film Award at the 2017 New Renaissance Film Festival, as well as being nominated for awards elsewhere, including for Best Film and Best Director.

Told through the eyes of an autistic teenage boy, One in a Million is about the fantasies the working class cling to – the fantasy of becoming a millionaire, the fantasy of a heavenly afterlife. But ultimately, there can be no salvation for the poor in false hope; no escaping the reality of their conditions under capitalism and the inevitability of misery and death.

Written & Directed by Patrick Ireland

Produced by Matteo Bergamini & Patrick Ireland

Starring Eddie Chamberlin, Harrison Osterfield, Christopher Laws, Scarlett Marshall, Holly Boyden, Olivia Lahaye, Louise Devlin & Róisín Monaghan

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