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My Music

I've been writing, recording and playing music since I was 18 years old. A glorified hobby more than anything else, but still I'm very proud of the music I've produced over the years alongside others. As well as solo projects, I was singer/guitarist in rock bands The Fabians (2008-2010) and The Jack Londons (2012-2013). My music is a mix of rock, punk and folk.


The Fabians (2010)
Dreams We Had As Children

The Fabians were my first band, formed in my hometown of Herne Bay, Kent with childhood friends. We played all over Herne Bay, Canterbury and the surrounding area as well as legendary London venue The Rhythm Factory and O2 Academy Islington.

This 11-track album collects all of the demos we recorded between 2008-2010. The songs were written by myself and co-frontman, Sam Wise. My favourites include People All The Same, the first song Sam and I wrote together which charts our sometimes rocky friendship; Sweaty Palms, a Sam-penned classic and frenzy of youthful punk-rock vigour; and Big Bad City, a song written during my chaotic first week at university.  

The Fabians were Sam, Pat, Tom & Gary/Mike. Tracks: Glory of the Hero, Revolution, Big Bad City, Carjacker, People All The Same, Average Joe Blue, Shoreditch Scene, Here Come The Soldiers, Dirty Rose, Sweaty Palms, Tailor Made

The Jack Londons (2013)

The Jack Londons were formed while I was studying at the University of Sheffield between 2012-2013 with three other local lads. We had a darker and much more punky sound than The Fabians. The band gigged all over Sheffield for just over a year.

We demoed 5 tracks, which are collected here. The songs were written by myself and lead guitarist, Warren Humphries. My favourites include 1984, a trashy punk number with a great chorus put in there by Warren; and Old Broadway, a song I wrote circa-2009 addressed to Sam about leaving Herne Bay to attend university.

The Jack Londons were Pat, Warren, Jake & Elliot. Tracks: Bombay Sapphire, Death of a Poet, Realise, Old Broadway, 1984

Bangkok Broken Hearts (2019)

A scrapbook collection of songs, some as old as 2009 and others written during the recording of this EP in 2019. The title "Bangkok Broken Hearts" comes from an ill-fated trip I made to Thailand in 2013 after a bad breakup.

Lots of really personal tracks here. Goodnight is a farewell to a long lost love; HIV was written during a volunteering stint in Kenya; and Canterbury Town is a song that's been around since The Fabians and is my ode to that beautiful town (although it's actually a city)!

Tracks: Goodnight, Better Man (HIV), If I Leave, Canterbury Town, The Communist Utopia

Nothin' More Nothin' Less (2011)

My first solo EP, recorded in Sheffield in 2011. Before forming The Jack Londons, I gigged across Sheffield's many open mic nights with these songs and others.

Quite a bit of experimentation here, mainly because I was still getting to grips with GarageBand. Definite favourite is Gypsy Boy, a Django Reinhardt-inspired diddy.

Tracks: Gypsy Boy, Anthony & Cleopatra, Spain, Tell The World, Songs They Never Play On The Radio

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